Social Care Worker
Paper care records should become electronic

Time to move into the 21st century but please don’t deliver it like the NHS IT programme …

Home care charges on the increase

Without proper reform of the funding of adult services, older, vulnerable people are going to continue to miss out. 

The distend between political rhetoric and reality just continues to grow - we want services to be delivered in the community and nearer to people’s homes, but at the same time we’re compromising the capacity to achieve it. 

Joined up services? We need joined up thinking first…

De-institutionalising care is vital … but we’re still busy building mega residential homes for older people even if we are reducing the ‘hospitals’.  

Great radical thinking … the way to go. 

The collapse of Southern Cross caused chaos and market instability. Professor Andrew Kerslake offers analysis of social care demand and 10 tips on how a recurrence can be prevented.

Worth a read - particularly commissioners and senior council figures. 

It’s one thing to say we’re going to get public spending under control and address the benefits culture - it’s another thing when we start pushing disabled people into poverty. 

Quite demoralising when you see the scale of the cuts laid out in front of you. How many vulnerable people will go without care because of it? 

Pithy explanation of the issues from someone who knows.   

Professional support has been a long time coming - hope it does more than run events